USA Properties Fund scholarship program benefits family members of employees

July 19, 2019

While USA Properties has offered scholarship opportunities to residents since 2011 through the JB Brown Fund, this year a similar opportunity was created for dependents of USA employees.

“Education is often the foundation for a more financially stable future, and the USA United Scholarship Program helps with the cost to attend college or a vocational school for family members of our employees,” said Geoff Brown, President of USA Properties Fund.

Brown often shares how fortunate he was to attend college and receive a good education, thanks to his father, J.B. Brown, the founder of USA Properties Fund. The late-J.B. Brown emphasized education and was a lifelong learner, with a special interest in history.

The USA United Employee Dependent Scholarship Program continues the tradition.

The program is exclusively for dependents of USA Properties Fund full-time employees (excluding officers and directors). Dependents, who must be 26 years old or younger, apply for the scholarship by providing academic transcripts, along with biographical information explaining what they plan to do with their education, and how they've already made an impact in their community. After confirming eligibility, identifying information is removed, and applications are reviewed by Brown, who makes a final determination.

In its inaugral year, 10 scholarships were awarded, ranging from $1,250 to $2,500 each, for a grand total of $15,000.

Recipients can apply every year, and receive a lifetime maximum of $15,000.

“We're proud of the students' educational efforts and hard work, and are glad that we can play a role in helping them pursue their goals.” said Brown.

The USA United Employee Dependent Scholarship program is a company-funded effort, wholly separate from the JB Brown Fund, a partnership with LifeSTEPS offering scholarships and emergency financial assistance to residents at USA affordable communities.

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