USA Kicks Off JB Brown Fund Fundraising Efforts

June 4, 2019

As summer begins, USA is once again entering into its annual fundraising campaign to raise money for the JB Brown Fund.

The JB Brown Fund, a philanthropic partnership with LifeSTEPS, provides assistance opportunities to residents at USA communities in two ways. First, it offers residents a way to finance their education, whether at a university, trade school, or through participation in youth sports. Second, it helps residents remain housed by providing limited support during a financial emergency, while also educating residents on how to better manage their money.

Since 2011, USA has raised over $1.2 million for the JB Brown Fund, while also covering administrative costs to ensure that every dollar raised goes to residents.

If you'd like to join our efforts, you can donate online through the LifeSTEPS website. For more information, check out the JB Brown Fund website.

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